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Key Highlights

  • 2¬†years old website
  • Stocked with 41 well-optimized articles indexed by Google!
  • Theme allows for easy monetization through various display networks.(Adsense already approved)
  • Fast & Simple blogger theme with good PSA scores
  • Instructional design and online education are extremely hot topics in the professional space right now.
  • Most visitors are from the US. China, India, Malaysia & UK (last 6 months) comes from search engines.
  • Opportunity for beginner or experienced content creators to grow into a profitable blog.


  • Add more content
  • experiment with monetization - find other affiliate networks, earn money from sponsors or sponsored posts, optimize Ezoic placeholders
  • create product comparison charts (some pages have them but they are not optimized) and add them to the top of the page - that should increase CTR and conversion. start with those top 10-20 pages with most traffic
  • Add contextual affiliate links within the content
  • Ezoic monetization is set quite conservatively. I limited the number of ads per post/page and I removed the TOP ad unit (which usually brings the most revenue!). So you can increase the Ad revenue by changing these settings as well as optimizing and adding more placeholders.
  • connect Amazon one link or add geo specific Amazon link to capture revenue from Canada and UK

Reason for sale

Currently, I don't have time to work on this website that's why I'm selling this website

If you are willing to buy this website or have any query please E-mail at [email protected]

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