Features of Node JS

Node.JS has a large number of features, and it boils down to the following:

1. Asynchronec, this word in its sense is obvious where the asynchronous sense is understood here in programming is the ability of the server or the computer to implement more than one software processing in one that makes the program or the application or the site faster and more efficient with the user, and that's what you give it Library node.js.

Node.js Nareshit

2. Based on the previous system in which the library operated, the language became known as the non-blocking system. Here is an exposition of this system:

In normal cases, when programming in most programming languages, you write the codes in order. The computer performs the step of the commands step in the order of the code you typed in. the sense that the computer executes a function then executes the function followed by and so on, like in PHP or asp.net or in But in the node.js library, there is a non-blocking system that allows the computer to execute non-sequential code functions that perform the executable function not in order like other languages do. This system has been added to new versions of JavaScript, in version es6.

3. Set up the development of applications in real-time:

Since node.js is very quick at executing code commands, it's normal to be the best choice for any programmer who wants to build a web application for chatting and chatting. Instead of programmers who used to chat in PHP, using Ajax technology, Page, it is possible to make the same application but without using Ajax, and thanks to web socket technology in which the node.js works more than wonderfully.

4. Data flow speed:

Node.js is characterized by fast data flow, especially in uploading and uploading files where the server can process the data processing and during the upload process, which can save a lot of time. This can be lost if the server processes the files after the client's request, and in this way is a wonderful feature, especially in downloading video or audio files.

5. With node.JS, you can write JavaScript code that links the server to the browser so that any data modification or update that occurs on the server is executed immediately in front of the user.

6. Good database management

Since JavaScript can write and store simple data in JSON files and manage it easily, node.js stands out for handling non-SQL databases such as MongoDB and CouchDB databases. This type of database originally depends on the JavaScript object notation of the concept of the member.

7. Node package manager or npm:

npm This is a store with many tools, packages, and frameworks that will help you build your project using node.js, and all of them are free.

Finally, the node.js library is no longer limited to web programming but has become a powerful and powerful JavaScript language for programming mobile and desktop applications. Many JavaScript frameworks are based on node.js, such as the React framework developed by Facebook.

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