Programmers use android studio to make android apps or APK files. It is quite useful and simple to make app for programmers and available for free for all since it is a product of google.

If you make an app and try to run on an emulator then you need to download that android version on your Android studio. It will make your PC a little bit slower but if you connect your mobile to Android Studio then you don't need to download and you will save your time and memory.

Pre Requisite

These are the following pre-requisite
  • Android Studio(See steps to install android studio if you have not installed yet)
  • USB cable
  • Android Phone/device
Connecting mobile to your Android Studio is very simple. You can connect in only a few steps.

Step 1.    Enable developer option in your Phone
    Steps to enable Developer options
  1. Open mobile settings.
  2. Select System Option.
  3. Now select About Phone.
  4. Tap on Build number 7 times.
Developer option

Step 2. Now "developer options" will  create. Open it.
Developer option

Step 3.    Connect mobile to PC by USB cable.
Step 4.    In the developer option, you need to enable USB debugging.
Developer option

Step 5.    Select OK

Developer option

Step 6.    Open your Android studio project you will see your mobile model name.
Step 7.    You can run your app by simply clicking on Run
Developer option

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