What is a supermoon?

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A supermoon is a full or new moon that nearly coincides with perigee. Perigee is the moon's closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. This results in a moon which appears larger than. Its usual size when observed from earth. The technical name for the same is perigee syzygy i.e. Roughly straight-line configuration of Earth, Moon and the Sun. Some important information about the supermoon. The term supermoon is attributed to the astrologer Richard Nolle. Out of the possible 12 or 13 full or new moons each year. Usually, three or four may be classified as supermoons. Supermoons do not cause natural disasters. Like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Supermoons can cause larger-than-usual perigean spring tides. These tides are a few inches bigger than normal tides.

Where does Wind come from?

Wind can be defined as the movement of air molecules on a large scale. Sun is primarily responsible for the creation of wind. How? Sun's rays heat up the Earth's surface every day, but they do so unevenly. Air present above the land heats up much faster as compared to. Air present above the surface of rivers and oceans. This results in the creation of different air pressures. The heated air above land expands and rises up. The cooler air from the oceans rushes in and takes its place. Resulting in a sea breeze. Now, at night, inland temperatures drop. Making oceans relatively warmer than land. Hence air above oceans expands and rises up. The cooler air from land rushes in to take its place. Resulting in a land breeze. In this way, the wind is born.

Why do Astronauts wear Orange and White Spacesuits?

The orange spacesuit is called Advanced Crew Escape Suit. Astronauts wear it during the launching and landing period. But why? Because if there is any malfunction during the launching or landing period. And the astronaut has to abandon the space shuttle. This particular shade is the most visible color against any landscape. Especially against the blue sky and sea. Thus making it easy for the rescuers to spot the astronaut. Now, the white spacesuit is called Extravehicular Activities suit. Astronauts wear it when they go outside the space shuttle to do some work. It is white in color for two reasons. Firstly, in space, the astronaut is exposed to the extreme heat of the sun. And white is the color which reflects more heat than any other color. Thus preventing the astronaut from getting too warm. Secondly, the white color makes it easy. To spot the astronaut against the black expanse of space.

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