Hey guys, This post is based on a laptop Review and in this post we are going to review MSI GF63.

This is the MSI GF63 gaming laptop. It's Price on Amazon Great Indian Sale and Flipkart Big Billion Days sale reduces by a huge amount. It's amazing and this is definitely the budget gaming laptop to buy. So let's see what this laptop brings out.

 MSI GF63 Design:

The first thing is The MSI GF63 has a great design. It is sleek and it has thin bezels which are nice plus there is a metal cover on the lid which is a bit of a fingerprint magnet but looks cool.
I also like the fact that the laptop is very lightweight and portable which means you can easily carry it around anywhere you want. It's great.
MSI GF63 back

 MSI GF63 Ports:

The MSI GF63 has a plethora of ports onboard. There are three USB 3.0 Type-A ports, a USB C port, and RJ 45 Ethernet port, HDMI port and dedicated headphones and mic ports so yeah you never run out of ports on this laptop. With USB C you are all set in terms of future-proofing.

MSI GF63 Display:

The Display here is decent as well. It's a 15.6 inch full HD display with a matte finish so you won't have any clear vision issues while using the laptop. The display is decently bright which is nice and everything else about the display is also pretty solid. The viewing angles are nice, the colors are great with a hundred percent SRJB coverage and text look sharp and easy to read so yeah it's a nice display.

  MSI GF63 Processor and Graphics:

I know you are wondering about the performance. The MSI GF63 comes with a 9th gen Core i5 processor 8GB RAM, a 512 GB SSD, and Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU which is one of the latest GPU so that's good the performance. Here is no issue.
MSI GF63 pubg

MSI GF63 Games:

You can play PUBG and Far Cry 5 on this laptop and both of these games run here. PUBG with ultra settings gets upwards of 60 to 70 FPS at all times which is great. while Far Cry 5 which is definitely more demanding than PUBG gets around 45 to 50 FPS with medium graphics settings which are good enough too.
MSI GF63 app player

MSI app player :

There is also the MSI app player here. If you like playing mobile games on your laptop in the keyboard and mouse games run smooth. So that's good and you can even run multiple games at the same time.

  MSI GF63 Issues:

The MSI GF63 is definitely good for gaming as well as everyday use but It couple of issues. I am going to tell you. first, the laptop has a factory-sealed sticker on the bottom which means you can't really upgrade the RAM on your own because that it would void the warranty and that's bad.

Plus the speakers on this are bottom and they aren't too loud so if you want to watch movies or something on this you will have to connect a Bluetooth speaker or you know just use a headset.

  MSI GF63 Keyboard:

I should talk about the keyboard on the MSI GF63 because in my usual everyday usage I do spend a lot of time typing on my laptop and the MSI GF63 has a nice keyboard for everything from typing to playing games. It's a backlit keyboard with red backlighting so you can use it easily at night and it's responsive to travel which is good to have.

  MSI GF63 Trackpad:

The trackpad here is also decent enough it's not the biggest out there but it's definitely big enough and it's a Windows precision trackpad so you get all the handy gestures so that's great too.
MSI GF63 battery

Lastly, There's the battery life the MSI GF63 comes with a 51 watthour battery and MSI claims that it lasts seven hours. Now I haven't used this laptop enough to make a comment on the battery life but in my short usage, It does look decent enough so those are all the things.

This is a solid deal I mean you get a good processor decent amount of RAM a big SSD and one of the latest NVIDIA GPUs and I think this is a great gaming laptop to get in this price that's it. If you want a more powerful laptop the core i7 variant of the MSI GF63 has a different model so you should check that out if you want.

Specifications are:
Display size:                    15.6 inches full HD
Display Type:                    AntiGlare display (60Hz Refresh Rate)
Processor:                        9th gen Core i5
RAM:                                 8GB DDR 4
Storage:                            512 SSD
Graphics:                          4GB  Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650
Preinstalled Software:    Windows 10
Ports and CD drive:         3 USB Ports
Other features:                 Full-sized red back-lit keyboard | HD WebCam

So will you be buying this laptop? Let us know in the comments down below. Don't forget to share with your friends and stay tuned for more information.

Note: Laptops of the different model numbers of the same name available in the market. This may cause different features with a laptop of the same name and it can also make a difference in Prices.

Prices can change from time to time which depends on several factors. Add laptops in your cart to compare them with others. So Be careful and choose laptops wisely.

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