This is a short review of Z A Shaw's learn Python the hard way and this is an interesting book I don't know that it's my favorite book on Python but it's certainly a useful book. It is sort of very formulaic way of learning how to program and the argument that they author makes is that before you can do anything creative with programming really you have to understand the building blocks and the building blocks are sort of stuff that you can learn by doing by code.

So chapters start with setting up the computer, setting up Python on your computer and then you do a lot of drills you learn about the you know the real sort of basics and you learn what have we got here. Variables names Strings and text printing printed that's printing to the screen.

At the end of each chapter you know there are questions that you're asked to do to really drill in how programming works. It's so formulaic and you just go through the programs over and over again until you until you get them but then you know you learn programming by doing it and so I do understand why he's done it this way and I think it's pretty effective if you can make it to the end you will probably know all the building blocks you need to know to start programming in Python but there might be more interesting ways of doing it.

Let's take a chapter functions let me go have little functions here we are so this is the section on functions and it shows you how functions are set out and laid out and and then you go through functions that you can you know you can do yourself and also functions that you've copied from from the book and here we are and we have more functions and then at the end you know there are study drills and each chapter sort of goes on like that and by the end of it really you've covered everything you need to cover to understand programming in general and Python in particular the syntax of the Python language.

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